The Inspiration Game!

Hi Everyone!

This is a page for my Inspiration Game!  Here I will show the outfits, and I will label them with the Week number.

Week One:

Outfit 1:

Brown Boots

Gray Leggings

Gray Skirt With Pink Bow

Pink Shirt With Floral Pattern

Multi Colored Boa

Outfit 2:

Purple, White, and Green Tennis Shoes

Purple Capris

Purple And Orange Jacket

White Sunglasses With Pink Shades

Outfit 3:

Blue And Purple Ballet Flats

Purple Leggings

Gray Miniskirt

Dark Purple Scoop Neck

I hope you're inspired!

*~* MCKENNA *~*

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  1. So cute! Love them!

    Hey, I was wondering... Could you put up the buttons to my blogs?
    Storyteller of Weston County
    Rubberboot Girl

    Thanks!! :)