Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Inspiration Game

Hi everyone!
I thought of this really fun game to play called the Inspiration Game!  Here's how it works: I will post pictures of outfits that my sisters and I are wearing, and then you can get inspired and create an outfit of your own.  Once you have created a beautiful outfit that you like, you can send a picture to me at mckennaspurplesky@yahoo.com.  Then next week I will post the photos on my blog of you or your doll or teddy bear etc. wearing the outfit you created.  Then the outfits that were sent to me will be the next inspiration outfits.  (If I don't get any photos of outfits I will create the next inspiration outfits.)  I hope you enjoy this game, here are the inspiration outfits!!!
I hope you get inspired!

 Here are all of the outfits!

This is Fern's outfit!

These are brown boots with butterflies on the side.

These are gray leggings.

This is a gray skirt with a pink bow.

 This is a pink patterned shirt.

This is a fuzzy multi colored scarf.

Kate's cute outfit!

Green, purple, and white tennis shoes.

Purple capri pants.

An orange and purple jacket.

Some adorable white sunglasses with pink shades.

Aren't they cute?

My gorgeous ensemble.

Beautiful blue and purple flats.

Purple leggings.

A gray mini skirt,

and a dark purple scoop neck.

I hope you're inspired!

*~* MCKENNA *~*

Thursday, October 18, 2012

AG Style and My Sister's Birthday

Happy Birthday Fern!!!!  Yesterday was my sister Fern's birthday.  We had so much fun!  She turned 10, and she's older than me.  She got the outfit she is wearing for her birthday!  I'm sooooooooo jealous.  We all went ice skating, and we had sushi!  It was a fun and yummy day!!!!
  This is a photo of Fern, Kate, a couple of friends, and I. We are all holding birthday balloons (Fern is in the middle,and I am on the far right holding a balloon with Kate).
Now lets move on to some style!
 Kate is wearing this lovely ensemble.

These are from American Girl.  They are the shoes from the Star Hoodie Outfit.

These are the capri pants from the American Girl Real Me Outfit.

This is a handmade white tube top.

This black shrug is another American Girl item.  It is from the old ballet outfit.

This is a light green hand crocheted scarf, made by me.

This silver headband is from the American Girl Frosty Party Outfit.

Strike a pose!!!
Strike a pose!!!

My outfit coming soon!

*~* MCKENNA*~*

P.S. Thanks for voting on Super Signature everyone!  *~* McKenna*~* won!  I just decided to make it capital letters.  I like it better that way, do you?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Visit To the Cupcakery

Hi everyone! This is are first Play Day!!!
We're really excited and we hope you enjoy!
P.S.  A: stands for Ally talking (that's Kate's character), and J: stands for Jess (that's McKenna's character), and W: stands for Whitney (Sophie's character).   Our very first Play Day will start in 5,4,3,2,1,0!!!!!!!!!
J: Aren't you excited to go to the Cupcakery Ally? 
A: Ya, come on let's go!
Ally Walking
Jess Walking
A: Hey Jess, these look like some great chairs!
J: Okay, lets sit down.
 W: Hi girls!!! What can I get for you?
J: Hmmmmmmmmmm...........
A: OH, I know!!!  I'll have the Spice Cupcake.
J: I'll have the Blueberry Cupcake with no frosting. 
W: Here you go!
Whitney giving them the cupcakes.
A:  This looks sooooo good!!!!!!!
J: I know!  Let's eat!!!!! 
J: That was sooo good.  A: I know, but I couldn't eat another bite, I'm stuffed!
W: Bye Girls!  Thank you for coming.
A and J: Byyyyye!
J: Let's go home.
Ally walking home

Jess walking home