Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Page

Hey Guys!

Fern just started a new page called "FASHION FUN"!  Click here to check it out!!! :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

The MagNeoBio Blogger Award, AGAIN!!!

Hey Guys!

How have you been?  I know it's been a week or two, but I have some exciting news!!!! I got nominated for the MagNeoBio award, AGAIN!  So, shall we get started?


Take the badge
Answer the questions given by your nominator
Nominate 10 people with less than 35 followers
Give them 10 questions


How many followers do you have?
Goals for you or your blog?
I'm hoping that I'll become a famous AG blogger...
Favorite classic novel?
Little House On the Prairie
YouTube or Blogger? Why?
Blogger, because it's easier to post something.
Your favorite doll that you do not have?
Do you have a pet? If you do not, tell me what pet you would want to have.
Yes, my dog is Cooper!  If I could get another pet though, I would get a bunny!
What dolls do you have?
Two MAGs and then there's me, McKenna
If you could paint the world one color, what would it be?
Purple, because then there would be a purple sky.
Flats or gym shoes? Why?
Gym Shoes, because they are easier to exercise and work out in.
How is your day going?
Pretty good!  We had a fun art class today, and I had 4 hours of Gymnastics after school!  Only problem is... now I have to do homework!!! :(


To be honest, ever since I've started blogging again, I haven't been reading any blogs, really. It's hard to keep up with my blog, and I haven't found the time to read other blogs quite yet. So, if you apply to the rules (I will be checking), comment down below and let me know if you want it! There are 10 spots available. :)

Addy and Emma from Addy's Art World











Dance or Gymnastics? Why?
Favorite book?
Favorite movie?
What is your favorite kind of animal? Why?
What's your favorite color?
What do you want to be when you grow up? Why?
When did you start blogging?
When you are nervous, how do you overcome your nerves?
What color(s) is your room?
Do you daydream?

And thanks for the award!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dyed Easter Eggs

Kate Here!

Today, I am going to spread the ester spirit by showing you some fun dyed Easter eggs!  My family and I always dye eggs for Easter!  It's such a fun tradition!  My sisters and I didn't dye these eggs, but I think you'll still LOVE to look at them!




Yay! That was fun!  I hope you guys enjoyed this special Easter post!  Have a happy Easter!

Cute Car

Hey Guys!

The other day, my sisters and I were in town and we saw this cute little car!  It was like an old white slug bug and it had bunny ears, a big, white pom pom on the back (for the tail), and a big, black pom pom on the front (for the nose)!  It was just so cute, and I thought you guys would want to here about it!  Have a nice day!

P.S.  I'm so excited for Easter!  Are you?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bunnies, bunnies, and more bunnies!

Hey Guys!

Since it's Easter/Spring break, i thought we could look at something really cute that's still Spring/Easter themed!  Ready to see something cccc-uuuuuuu-tttttttt-eeeeee?  Here we go!

 Kit <3

 Fun in the grass

Bunny kisses

Aren't they just irresistible?  Speaking of bunnies…I want one so bad!  Do you have a bunny?  I'm hoping that maybe some day I'll get a bunny!  Actually, when I say someday, I mean for Easter!  I'm hoping that the girls will surprise me, but I shouldn't get my hops (see what I did there ;) up!  Bunnies are a big (and I'm guessing stinky) responsibility!  Well, have a great spring break!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tutorial: Mini Marshmallow Peeps

Kate Here,

I'm excited for Spring Break.  Not just because we get a break, and I'm going on vacation!  One of my favorite parts about Spring Break is that since I'm the candy maker, I get to bake yummy treats all week!  Everybody enjoys munching on the delicious treats, which makes baking them so rewarding!  There are lots of different kinds of special Easter treats!  One of my favorite treats is "Peeps".  Some of you may not know what a Peep is, so allow me to explain.  They are a delicious fluffy marshmallow shaped as a little chick (that's why they're called "Peeps", because chicks peep), then they are covered in sprinkles and have little pieces of chocolate for the eyes.  Now, I don't know how to make peeps that look like chicks, but i do know how to make something that tastes like peeps.  Let me show you how!

First, pour your color choice of sprinkles into a container that has a lid.  You can even mix colors if you want too!

Next ,with kitchen scissors, cut mini marshmallows in half diagonally.

Then put the cut marshmallows in the sprinkles container, and put on the lid.

Then shake it all up!

Remove the lid…

And voila! You've got mini marshmallow peeps!

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini marshmallow peeps tutorial!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Photo Shoot ~With a special guest model~

Hey Guys!

My cousin, Hailey, and I went to the park together recently.  Hailey just looked so GORGEOUS that we decided to do a photoshoot for our YouTube channel.

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of our up and coming video:

A Day In The Park With Hailey

I hope you guys enjoyed this exclusive sneak peek!