Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Visit To the Cupcakery

Hi everyone! This is are first Play Day!!!
We're really excited and we hope you enjoy!
P.S.  A: stands for Ally talking (that's Kate's character), and J: stands for Jess (that's McKenna's character), and W: stands for Whitney (Sophie's character).   Our very first Play Day will start in 5,4,3,2,1,0!!!!!!!!!
J: Aren't you excited to go to the Cupcakery Ally? 
A: Ya, come on let's go!
Ally Walking
Jess Walking
A: Hey Jess, these look like some great chairs!
J: Okay, lets sit down.
 W: Hi girls!!! What can I get for you?
J: Hmmmmmmmmmm...........
A: OH, I know!!!  I'll have the Spice Cupcake.
J: I'll have the Blueberry Cupcake with no frosting. 
W: Here you go!
Whitney giving them the cupcakes.
A:  This looks sooooo good!!!!!!!
J: I know!  Let's eat!!!!! 
J: That was sooo good.  A: I know, but I couldn't eat another bite, I'm stuffed!
W: Bye Girls!  Thank you for coming.
A and J: Byyyyye!
J: Let's go home.
Ally walking home

Jess walking home

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