Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fashionista Fern: Week 5

Hey Girls!

Guess what?  It's Fern, here with week 5 of Fashionista Fern!  So, since school is just starting up for most people, I thought I would do a back to school outfit.

~All pictures provided are

Today we'll be looking at the Tropical Bloom Outfit from American Girl.

Here is the whole outfit.  I think it would be a perfect outfit for your first day of school.

This is the lovely top!  This t-shirt will surely follow any of your school dress codes, and will definitely go great with a pair of jeans.

Here is a closer look at the t-shirt design.  I love this design, and I think it is so beautiful.  I love how it includes the AG logo as well.

These leggings are so cute, and comfy, which will be great for long days sitting at your desk.

This headband is perfect.  It goes with the outfit perfectly, but will go with so many other things as well.

And finally, we reach the shoes!  My fave part!  These shoes are so cute, and they share the same pattern as the t-shirt.  I am in LOVE!




I think this is a perfect back to school outfit, so yay to AG!  I hope you enjoyed week 5 of Fashionista Fern!  Have a great day!


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