Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tutorial: Mini Marshmallow Peeps

Kate Here,

I'm excited for Spring Break.  Not just because we get a break, and I'm going on vacation!  One of my favorite parts about Spring Break is that since I'm the candy maker, I get to bake yummy treats all week!  Everybody enjoys munching on the delicious treats, which makes baking them so rewarding!  There are lots of different kinds of special Easter treats!  One of my favorite treats is "Peeps".  Some of you may not know what a Peep is, so allow me to explain.  They are a delicious fluffy marshmallow shaped as a little chick (that's why they're called "Peeps", because chicks peep), then they are covered in sprinkles and have little pieces of chocolate for the eyes.  Now, I don't know how to make peeps that look like chicks, but i do know how to make something that tastes like peeps.  Let me show you how!

First, pour your color choice of sprinkles into a container that has a lid.  You can even mix colors if you want too!

Next ,with kitchen scissors, cut mini marshmallows in half diagonally.

Then put the cut marshmallows in the sprinkles container, and put on the lid.

Then shake it all up!

Remove the lid…

And voila! You've got mini marshmallow peeps!

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini marshmallow peeps tutorial!