Friday, April 18, 2014

Bunnies, bunnies, and more bunnies!

Hey Guys!

Since it's Easter/Spring break, i thought we could look at something really cute that's still Spring/Easter themed!  Ready to see something cccc-uuuuuuu-tttttttt-eeeeee?  Here we go!

 Kit <3

 Fun in the grass

Bunny kisses

Aren't they just irresistible?  Speaking of bunnies…I want one so bad!  Do you have a bunny?  I'm hoping that maybe some day I'll get a bunny!  Actually, when I say someday, I mean for Easter!  I'm hoping that the girls will surprise me, but I shouldn't get my hops (see what I did there ;) up!  Bunnies are a big (and I'm guessing stinky) responsibility!  Well, have a great spring break!


  1. Hi Mckenna!

    My Mum has a bunny. His name is Snuggles and he's really cute!

    I hope you can get one sometime, they're lots of fun.

    If you want a bunny that won't smell too much, either get a girl, or get a boy "fixed" at the vet. I believe that costs around forty dollars or so here, but apparently is worth it, because it makes them more placid and they don't smell so bad.

    Boys tend to be better pets, because girls can get really moody

    Hope this helps!


  2. I love the bunny pics! they are adorable!