Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet Fern

Hey there!

So today, I am going to personally introduce my sister, Fern (Kate will have an introduction, too.  Just not today.).  Here is what Fern said about herself:

Name: Fern

Age: 13

Bio:  Hi!  Nice to meet you!  I'm Fern!  A 13 year old ice skater/rollerblader.  I love skating!  I've skated since I could walk and have always loved it.  Someday, I hope to be a professional ice skater, like Michelle Kwan.  I have two sisters Kate and McKenna (obliviously).  I love spending time with my sisters!  It's really fun (as the oldest sister) to see my two younger sisters do what they love!  I love to watch McKenna at her meets, and Kate at her bake offs.  They've always been there for me! :)  Well, it was nice meeting you!  Thanks for supporting my sis and reading her blog! :D

There's Fern on her birthday!
I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about my sister, Fern!

I want to say thank you to all of my followers!  I came back with 20 followers, and now I have 26, already.  You guys are so awesome!  Thanks so much for your support!  If you have a blog, and you'd like me to check it out, please leave your URL in the comment section.  Thanks so much, and have a nice day!


  1. Nice to meet your sister, sounds like she loves skating she would be a great friend for our Loryn, she loves to skate above all else, she is not going to do it professionly, she used to think she would, she is also into her piano and wants to be a concert pianist.