Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meet Kate

Hey Guys!

Today I'm going to be introducing my sis, Kate.  Here's what she typed about herself.

Name: Kate

Age: 11

Bio:  Hi!  My name's Kate!  I'm 11 years old, and I have two sisters and a dog, Chocolate Chip.  My sisters, Fern and McKenna, are awesome!  We love to do stuff together!  They help me bake, I help by spotting McKenna when she's trying a new gym move, and sometimes I go skating with Fern to keep her company.  I love making candy!  Ever since I was really little, I used to watch cooking shows with McKenna, and I thought cooking looked really fun.  So I tried it out.  Turns out I'm not the best cook.  I was really disappointed, so McKenna suggested I try baking. The first thing I tried to bake was Chocolate Chip Cookies.  They ended up turning out really good!  So I kept on practicing baking.  Then one day I was searching for a recipe, and one popped up for truffles.  I clicked on the recipe and it looked fairly easy, so I decided to try it.  That day I spent my whole day in the kitchen making truffles.  I had so much fun!  So I decided that when I grow up, I want to start a show called "Kate the Candy Maker".  That's how it all began.  Well, thanks for reading about me!

That's Kate!  She has a sweet tooth (if you hadn't noticed).

Well, thanks for reading about my awesome sister, Kate.  She told me that she had a fun time typing all that up about herself.  She loves helping me out with my blog!  Maybe she'll start a blog of her own one day. ;)  Do you think she should?  Have a nice day!


  1. I think she ought to start a blog called Kate the Candy Maker and put recepes on it and talk about baking them .. it would be fun to see some new recepies to try out and would be fun for her and show them that she really wants to do a fun show like that ..


    1. Great idea! I'll have to tell her about that....