Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fashionista Fern: Week 6

Hey Girls!

It's been such a long time since my last post, week 5 of Fashionista Fern, and I'm so happy to be back! Since this is a bit of a special occasion.  I've selected a fancy outfit for this week.  Let's take a look!

~All pictures are property
   of American Girl

Today, we'll be looking at the Double-Bow Dress from American Girl.

This is the outfit all together!

Here is an up-close look of the dress bows.  They look so cute, wrapping around the whole dress.

Next, is the headband, my favorite part!  The flower is made out of tulle and it looks like a plastic gem is placed in the center.  The cool thing about this headband, is that it looks like you could make it yourself!  I'll have to ask Kate about that, she loves crafts!

Last of all, we have the shoes!  I love how the shoes look like a bow on top, matching with the whole theme.  They look stylish but comfortable, and have the potential of going with lots of other outfits.


I hope you guys enjoyed week six of Fashionista Fern!

Quick Note From McKenna

Hey Guys!

I hope you guys enjoyed week 6 of Fashionista Fern!  I wanted to let you know that me and Fern are going to try to get Fashionista Fern going ever Tuesday.  We are very busy, however, so I apologize if we miss a week.  I hope you guys enjoy this series!

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