Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Totally Cool Book Review!

Hi Everyone!

My Big Sister is so Bossy She Says You Can't Read this Book

This is a book I recently read and enjoyed.  (Long title, I know.)  

"Read this book at your own risk.  My big sister Maxine Colleen Maloney, said that if this pack of lies ever got published, she'd get my birthday officially canceled.  And make me regret I was ever born.  So I guess I'm going to be 10 for a long time."

This book starts out with this hilarious paragraph!!!  It's not that funny the whole entire time, but you will definitely find yourself laughing out loud.  

This was a great and very funny book.  The sisters Maxey and Effie argue a lot, but at the end they are nice to each other.  It is a very interesting book and some parts can be a little weird, or uncomfortable, but at the end I found myself dying to read the next book.  This book is mainly about Effie and Maxey and their friends and just everything that goes on and how they get through it.  Over all, great book.

Author:  Mary Hershey

Recommended Age:  10+

I hope this review was helpful!

*~* MCKENNA *~*

P.S.  Their are two other books in this series!  Book review on them coming soon.


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