Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sorry I Haven't Been Posting!

Hi Everyone!

So you probably wonder why I haven't been posting.  Well, maybe this picture will explain.

You are probably wondering right now, "Why is McKenna wearing a cast, and leaning on crutches?"  Well, the other day I was on the bar in gym.  I was doing really well, but then it came to the dismount.  I knew I needed to stick it!  This was so important!  I got ready to do my double flip dismount.  I went soaring through the air into a double flip.  I thought "This is it!", but then came the landing.  I landed on the mat, slammed down, my ankle twisted, and I was down on the ground.  That was it; a wonderful day gone bad!

So, that's how it happened!  I was really upset for a while, so I decided to take a blogging break.  Sorry I didn't do a post about it.  I'm sorry I stopped blogging, but I'm back on today.

Also, please check out my human Lindsay's blog.  Thank you for reading!  I am really excited to start blogging again!  Bye bye!

*~* MCKENNA *~*


  1. Hi McKenna!

    I'm so sorry that you're injured! I hope that you heal very soon, and that you'll be back to gymnastics soon.

    I put your button on my blog. Could you please put my button on your blog? Thanks so much, and feel better soon!


  2. Of course all put your button on my blog!

    *~* MCKENNA *~*