Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fashionista Fern: Week 7

Hey Girls!

Welcome to week 7 of Fashionista Fern!  For this week's featured outfit, I thought I would do a "spring dress"for Spring Break.  Alright, it's time to have some spring fun time!

~All pictures are property
   of American Girl

Here is American Girl's "Sweet Spring Dress".  Isn't it Gorgeous?  I love the pretty colors, and I think it looks very pretty on us AG girls!
Here is one of the highlights of this dress!  This beautiful flower is placed on the left shoulder.  I think that the light pink color gives it a special spring look!

Here is another highlight of the dress!  To add another pop of color, they use the same color of pink as the flower uses for the lace.  I think it looks absolutely lovely!
Here's a cute clip to add to your AG's hair!  This clip will go great with the spring dress, and many other outfits!
Last, but not least!  We have the precious shoes!  They kind of remind me of ballet shoes, but they're sandals!  The ballet pink color is beautiful, and also adds that spring look!


I hope you girls enjoyed week 7 of Fashionista Fern!  Have a lovely spring break!

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