Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Big Bike Ride

Hi there!

Do you like riding your bike?  I love to ride my bike!  There's just a feeling about it; so free.  You can go almost anywhere on a bike.  I live about 7 miles away from the grocery store, and my sisters and I like to ride our bikes to the grocery store, and then we can get our groceries and put them in our backpacks for the ride home.  Unfortunately, we can't get ice cream to take home on the bikes 'cause it would melt. :(  But, we still get ice cream, don't worry.  The other day, my sisters and I set a goal to go 60 miles in one day. Big goal; I know.  Guess what, though?  We made it!  First we rode the seven miles to the grocery store.  Then we got some energy bars to have later when we were running out of fuel.  Then we went 23 more miles, and we were halfway.  We stopped and had our energy bars, but we were still really hungry.  So, we rode to a nearby 7/11 and got slushies!  They were fantastic!  After that, we rode all the way home with no breaks at all.  It was a huge bike ride, and it took up the whole day.  We felt like we deserved a treat after that, so we walked to a mini market not even a mile away, and got some donuts for the morning and a 2 liter jug of Root Beer (my favorite).  We had a fantastic day and at the end, clinked to it with glasses of Root Beer.  What a great adventure it was!  

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