Saturday, July 6, 2013

How My 4th of July (Independence Day) Was

Hi there!

Here is my promised post about my 4th of July.  Please feel free to share about yours in the comment section.

First we woke up, and Fern had some delicious Red Velvet Pancakes on the griddle.  She served them with Cream Cheese Frosting (like iHop), and they tasted soooooo delicious!  Then we hung out and played games for a while.  After that, we walked to the dog beach with our dogs.  Kate and I bought matching 4th of July shirts for our dogs.  We all swam in the lake a little (Even the dogs.  Unfortunately their shirts were ruined.), and then we walked home soaking wet.  After showering and changing clothes, we headed to our homeowners association, where we had a community barbecue.  It was sooo delicious... haha, thinking back to it, we never had lunch, oh well. ;)  We hung out there for about two hours, and then headed into town for fireworks!  After waiting for about 20 after 9 (9 was the starting time), the fireworks started.  They were huge!  I thought the sparks were gonna land on me, they were so big.  The fireworks were my favorite part, and the pancakes would come in second, for sure!  Fern got caught up talking to someone, and while she was, I fell asleep.  Apparently Fern carried me back to the car, after that, I don't know what happened.  It was a great day, and I had so much fun!

I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July!  I wonder what you did....hint hint.  Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. That sounds awesome!!!! We didn't do anything super exciting...My mom made cinnamon rolls though, and they tasted great! We mostly watched TV and relaxed. :)

    1. Yeah, we had a lot of fun! I love Cinnamon Rolls! They are sooooooooo delicious!